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Expulsion or self dismissal of former directors of CAFIB?

Answering the many questions received in CAFIB’s email (


CAFIB has been receiving several emails about posts being made on social networks and CAFIB’s Board understands that some Fila breeders are still confused or ill-informed with the latest events. Obviously there are some people who, dominated by bad faith, seek purposely to confuse unsuspecting breeders, post on Facebooks short and vague sentences that do not argue against CAFIB’s Communications and simply aim at disrupting, undermining and harming, superficially and irresponsibly, a process that CAFIB perceives as normal and that refers to the dismissal of some of CAFIB’s former directors, to the natural renewal of CAFIB and the creation of other clubs.

Therefore we chose in this Communication to answer some of the questions received on our website ( so that everyone can properly understand CAFIB’s Communications and what is actually going on.

1 - What is the reason for Fernando Zanetti’s departure from CAFIB? Was he expelled from CAFIB?

No, Zanetti was not expelled. On 11/21/13, Zanetti asked by email for his total and irrevocable dismissal from CAFIB, despite the four directors of CAFIB having asked Zanetti by email to leave CAFIB only on a temporary basis. Thus, even without agreeing with this dismissal, CAFIB could ot do anything but to accept it. Importantly, the draft of the letter accepting Zanetti’s resignation was read at CAFIB’s board meeting held in Guaratinguetá/2013, which was attended by Tênisson Cavalcante, who gave some suggestions and later asked us to omit his attendance to this meeting.

But, in our view, Zanetti could not bear to live within CAFIB due to two terrible wrong situations that were created by himself:

A - On 06/09/2013 CAFIB Goiânia’s exhibition was held, having Tigre da Santa Luzia been ranked by Judge Zanetti 1st place in Male Adults and Best Male of the Exhibition Class. However, as of October/2013 several emails to the principal officers and some members of CAFIB were released, which showed an "analysis" made in writing and signed by Zanetti, accompanied by five photos also signed by Zanetti, where the same Tigre da Santa Luzia - which was presented in these five photos to Zanetti as a dog named Golias - was considered by Zanetti himself as an "atypical animal, clearly demonstrating to have insertions of Neapolitan Mastin and English Mastiff blood breeds..." and also "... dewlap clearly forming double-chin ...". That is, Zanetti considered the same Tigre da Santa Luzia, four months after awarding him in Goiânia, as a mutt!*

And rejected him!

This analysis, although having been widely disclosed, is below for better understanding of you all:

tigre - golias


Mr. Domingos, as per your request, below is a superficial analysis of your dog Golias. We must tell you that because these are pictures, we have disregarded any comment that would lead us to doubt. For a more in-depth analysis, I suggest you take him to an exposed analysis performed by Cafib.


Atypical Animal. clearly demonstrating to have insertions of blood of the Neapolitan Mastiff and English Mastin breeds, has good proportions, height and mass; however, he has dewlap distinctly forming DOUBLE CHIN, which constitutes a VERY SERIOUS fault at Cafib and SERIOUS at CBKC standard. His build is square and should be RECTANGULAR, which constitutes a VERY SERIOUS fault in both Cafib and CBKC standards. His head. main breed identifier, Is ATYPICAL, as well as his expression; he has good proportions; however, his nose, despite being broad, is short in relation to the brain, which constitute a SERIOUS fault in the Cafib and CBKC standard. His brain, seen from the front is excessively roundish while both standards require it to be slightly arched. While at CBKC, the round brain is not a fault, in Cafib’s breed standard, it constitutes a fault, since this type of brain is typical of the English Mastin. Still seen from the front, he presents a marked stop or pronounced punished which is a VERY SERIOUS fault in the Cafib and CBKC standards. The eyes, typical of the Napolitan Mastiff breed, should have an almond shape, which is a fault. His mandibular canal in sharp angle, should be more roundish and since this is a standard deviation, it must be considered a FAULT. His occipital should be well market (fault) providing a better brain/neck connection . His ears, at rest, photo 3, should have a lower implant on the eyes’ line. Correct front angle of the train; however, all train is dislocated forward, under the neck and interfering in the line of the upper chest.'

His chest should be deeper and have a better arching of ribs; it constitutes a SERIOUS FAULT in Cafib and CBKC standards.

Good hind angulations, but he presents a short croup.

Tigre da Santa LuziaSo, in an analysis by Cafjb this dog would be rejected due to showing characteristics specific of breeds Napolitan_Mastin and English Mastiff. I hope I have helped in your questions.

Note: the "analysis" above, performed and signed by Zanetti can be compared in nothing to assessments made by CAFIB judges on because at this opportunity CAFIB judges took the legitimate defense of CAFIB due to provocation posted publicly on Facebook with Selection with Responsibility where it was published the photo of a black dog with the following words: “Paint this fila in gold, Jaguara gray and it would be worth a fortune at Cafib". This posting purposeful and publicly misinformed and confused hundreds of breeders about the evaluation and selection criteria on the breeding stock approved by CAFIB. So all the CAFIB judges unanimously disapproved of this dog with no regard to its black color. While Zanetti met willingly with the particular request of a stranger who sent him photos of Tigre da Santa Luzia, stating that it was a dog named Golias, which perhaps belong edto a known kennel of SPFB, Zanetti’s dislike. But it was not. And there were photos of Tigre da Santa Luzia. That is, Zanetti approved and awarded this dog on the track and then set it up as mutt.

Furthermore, it was disclosed along with the "analysis" above the following video on this subject, shot during the mentioned Goiânia Exhibition/13: Upon watching this video one comes to the conclusion that a dog carrying a jowl like that could not win a CAFIB exhibition. Zanetti apologized on Facebook, months after this exhibition, that this jowl had been “acquired" after birth, due to an accident, and therefore it would not be transmitted to his offsprings. But all the judges and breeders of any breed and club know very well that a judge is required to judge the dog in the conditions in which he is presented and at the time of his judgment. That is, without making inferences or accepting justifications from any owner, such as the so-called apology termed as "acquired" defect. The dewlap presented is a disqualifying deficit as per CAFIB’s Standard In this way, and in our view, it was evident that this judgment benefited the owner of Tigre da Santa Luzia, Tenisson Cavalcante. In other words, the so-called “ponta da guia” (benchmark).

Well, it is precisely Fernando Zanetti, former CAFIB’s judge, who awarded in CAFIB’s exhibition in Goiânia/13 Tigre da Santa Luzia and failed it afterwards due to miscegenation and the dewlap that will judge the next Onceiro Expo, as shown below;

B – During the year to 2013 for numerous times Zanetti accused, always superficially and without presenting any proof, Canil Itanhandu of committing irregularities.

For five times the CAFIB Directors requested Zenetti by email to submit his proofs or strong evidence.

Nothing was presented. In addition to this Zanetti chose not to attend our Board Meeting held in Guaratingueta 2013, when he was invited to present his objections. CAFIB always positioned itself in a very ethical way and respecting its regulations, namely: If Zanetti presented his evidence, it would be given universal right of defense to Canil Itanhandu. After this confrontation of arguments CAFIB, by majority of votes, as it always occurred, would punish this Kennel or would file this case for lack of evidence. The way it happens in any club or correct and civilized entity.

CAFIB will never protect any kennel, breeder or associate who has committed irregularities, but will not prosecute any of these without proof. In CAFIB’s understanding, Zanetti also couldn't bear the fact the Canil Itanhandu was deservedly awarded within the tracks and tried to expel it from CAFIB making use of the reprehensible method of force, arrogance and the famous “tapetão” (Brazilian dictate that means to win a cause in the Court. I.e. this case not in the show ring).

2 - What is the reason for the departure of Tenisson Cavancalti, Francisco Fornel and Sabine Gallas? Were they expelled from CAFIB?

Tenisson, Fornel and Sabine were not expelled from CAFIB. They asked the Board of CAFIB to be dismissed, respectively, from the Secretariat, the Board of Directors of Computer Science and the Board of Directors of Genealogical Record of CAFIB by email and CAFIB accepted. Subsequently CAFIB decided to dismissTenisson from the membership board, since he breached the rules of CAFIB Bylaws, as explained below in answer No. 6.

3 - What is the reason for the departure of Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho (Caíco) from CAFIB? Was he expelled from CAFIB?

Caico was not banished from CAFIB. He asked to be dismissed from the Treasury of CAFIB and CAFIB accepted. Subsequently CAFIB decided to dismiss him from the role of Adviser, Judge and partner of CAFIB, since he had breached the rules of CAFIB Bylaws, as explained below in answer No. 6.

4 - What is the reason for the departure of Jan Kubesa? Was he expelled from CAFIB?

Kubesa was not expelled from CAFIB. He resigned from the Board of partners and of the judges of CAFIB and CAFIB accepted, keeping the disconnection of the Onceiro Club.

5 - What is the reason for the departure of Adriano Pacheco? Was he expelled from CAFIB?

Adriano was not expelled from CAFIB. By determination of CAFIB he only ceased to be Official Tester of CAFIB Litter. If Adriano so desires, he can continue to be a partner in CAFIB, exhibit their Filas and register the litters normally.

6 - Why was Caico disconnected from the post of Adviser and of the board of judges and members of CAFIB? Why was Tenisson dismissed from the staff of partners of CAFIB?

In compliance with the standards of its status, CAFIB decided not to keep in the Club people who stopped to return to the Club; when they resigned from the Board of CAFIB, much of its assets and goods, such as, for example:

  • our old site, their password and management program;
  • our documentation and records updated, mainly relating to events held in 2013;
  • many documents and photos, hundreds of copies of the newspaper O FILA and up to two chip readers, among other assets.

In addition:

  • neither Caico nor Tenisson settled accounts of their financial management ahead, respectively, of the Treasury and the Secretariat of CAFIB. That is, they settled no accounts of the entry and output of all the amounts received and paid, as well as any balance in their power.
  • both just reported by email to CAFIB that they owed a certain value arbitrated by themselves, but without any corroboration;
  • only on 05/14/14, more than five months after resigning from the Treasure, did Caico return to CAFIB the amount arbitrated by him.
  • only yesterday, 8/26/14, more than six months after resigning from the Secretariat of CAFIB Tenisson returned to CAFIB another amount (2nd Installment) of the amount arbitrated by him;

Thus, CAFIB does not consider it fair that people that have damaged and caused so much hurt and losses to CAFIB and, mainly, the Fila Brasileiro Breed, continue taking advantage of our Club and our conviviality.

7 - And will the Filas of those people also be punished?

Of course not. The Filas have nothing to do with these problems. The Fila Brasileiro is the essence and the reason for the existence of CAFIB. These measures adopted by CAFIB, aimed mainly to defend their wealth and knowledge acquired over the course of 36 years dedicated to preserving the Pure Fila, do not prevent the Filas of these people from participating in the events of CAFIB, since Fila Brasileiro is more important than any club.

8 – Have the former Treasurer and former Secretary of CAFIB respectively Caico Amaral and Tenisson Cavalcante, already presented the accountability of entries and outputs of money from CAFIB that were in their possession?


9 - During the administration of former Treasurer and former CAFIB there was an account on Pag Seguro in the name of some former directors. Has this account already been returned to CAFIB along with its accountability?

No. CAFIB has even informed its members not to make any payment through Pag Seguro, because the money in this account is not intended for CAFIB, but to people alien to CAFIB. All payments for CAFIB, as per the circular, must be done only and exclusively in the Bank of Brazil, Branch No. 0918-0, c/c/ No. 66,980-6.

10 – Was the former site of CAFIB ( that was removed from the internet irregularly CAFIB or Caico?

CAFIB’s site is CAFIB's. That is obvious, although this site is in the name of Caico and possesses as contacts Carlos Alberto de Souza of the company SilosSoft and Fornel. The site was built with the help of Fornel as CAFIB’s Computer Science director. Therefore the site belongs to CAFIB. Fornel was the director of Computer Science and operated the site. Of course the site of CAFIB’s. Why would the natural person of Caico have a site with the name CAFIB? In the same way that the journal O FILA, edited and published by Luis Maciel, is owned by CAFIB.

11 – Was Sabine Gallas the owner of CAFIB’ Genealogical Records?

No. CAFIB’s records are CAFIB’s. That is unquestionable. These records and files of CAFIB’s 36 years are CAFIB’s’ asset as well as all its partners. They consist of the 36 years of work, history and memory of CAFIB. Why is it that the natural person of Sabine would be owner of CAFIB’ Genealogic Records? In the same way that the journal O FILA, edited and published by Luis Maciel, is owned by CAFIB.

12 - Sabine Gallas paid part of the management program of CAFIB; would this give her the right of property?

No. She made a spontaneous collaboration to CAFIB, like many other members have done. Furthermore, CAFIB had been performing maintenance payments of these records as per receipts in CAFIB‘s power as per request made by Caico Amaral in CAFIB Board meeting held in Amparo-SP on 03/17/12, and further as per records in CAFIB’s Minutes Book. The records of all dogs are the property of CAFIB and of partners and owners of these dogs. Not that of a former-director, even if he has collaborated partially for the accomplishment of the program. All directors of CAFIB always collaborated with CAFIB and never unduly appropriated of any of CAFIB’s assets.

13 - What is the difficulty still faced by the Secretariat of CAFIB for delivery of some documents, such as pedigrees and analyses?

Considering that the old site was taken off the air, their password was never returned, nor this site's management program, the Secretariat of CAFIB was much impaired, because it was totally computerized. For the time being all the work has been done manually, until the new program already contracted starts operating and is adapted to our new site. Without the old site and its program out of operation, the current Secretariat faces a much bigger job and still depends on more time to issue documents, pedigrees and analyses, especially those documents relating to the year of 2013 that were not issued by the former Secretary Tênisson, who even transferred the very outdated work from his Secretariat to the new Secretar. Especially those pertaining to the Club Onceiro of the Czech Republic.

14 - What does CAFIB intend to do to recover its assets, equity and goods that belong to it?

CAFIB tried several times for more than 6 months, patiently and always thinking first of the breed Fila Brasileiro, to obtain amicably the return of its property. Faced with the refusal of those former directors, CAFIB studies the adoption of appropriate legal measures. In order to preserve the wealth of CAFIB, of the Fila Brasileiro breed, and all its partners. CAFIB will fight to the end and make every effort to recover what is rightfully CAFIB’s and that of its partners. And will not allow other clubs to take ownership and use of this wealth.

15 – Is it true that many partners are disengaging from CAFIB and that the club is closing?

Of course not. CAFIB is increasingly active and strong. Irrefutable proof of this is that the last three exhibitions this year achieved record registrations and public; we built our new site in just 10 days; we are updating our documents that were received outdated from the former secretary Tenisson Cavalcante because the documents relative to CAFIB exhibition in Jacarei, Lagoa Santa and the Czech Republic held in 2013 were not issued by him and that was a period in which he was the Secretary, as explained in response No. 12 above; we are receiving many supportive e-mails and the number of members increased after the dismissal of these former directors was announced.

16 – What do these measures recently adopted by CAFIB have similar with the fact that the then president of the BKC, Henrique Pereira de Lucena, had punished on 7/17/79, through BKC Circular No. 79/80 (see by clicking on the first “cafibeans” Paulo Santos Cruz, Francisco Peltier de Queiroz, Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Luiz Maciel Roberto and Marilia Maruyama and Marilda Mallet?

Absolutely nothing, because:

A - Paulo Santos Cruz, Francisco Peltier de Queiroz, Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Luiz Maciel, Roberto, and Marilia Maruyama and Marilda Mallet were punished by BKC because they denounced the half-breeding, demanded a position from the then BKC in defense of PURE Fila, demanded that the mix-breeders were punished and that the “filas mix-breed” that were registered at BKC as PURE Fila were separated from the breed, then controlled by BKC.

B - While the former directors of CAFIB had created for themselves an intolerable situation, since one of them committed enormous blunders, while the others didn't return to CAFIB part of its important wealth, as already mentioned above.

17 - Does CAFIB participate in third parties Groups on Facebook?

No, because as we all know, some people unfortunately make use of the Groups with the single purpose of promoting attacks and widespread offences, without considering the true facts, with various untrue arguments, and often in a crude and overbearing way.

18 - How does CAFIB participate on Facebook?

CAFIB maintains a Facebook page:, where our news, photos and all subjects of real interest regarding the Brazilian Fila breed are posted. This page was created for all those who seek to share information on the preservation and selection of the PURE Brazilian Fila. In addition, we keep our website always up to date (

19 - I am a partner of other clubs specialized in Fila; can I also participate of CAFIB?

Of course, the most important is the Brazilian Fila breed. CAFIB has always accepted as its partners, breeders who are partners of Unifila, SPFB, CBKC and FCI. Moreover, CAFIB partners may participate of any exhibition of any club anywhere in the world without suffering any punishment. The partners of CAFIB are free and independent, having only to fulfill the Regulations of CAFIB and to respect and to preserve our assets, wealth and goods.

20 - Does CAFIB keep any partnership with SONARB and SOBRACI?

No. CAFIB never signed or agreed on contracts with these entities.

To close, CAFIB informs that:

- Reiterates that we wish good luck to all Fila clubs that really bother to continue the work of CAFIB which was solely responsible for rescuing from extinction the “Fila Brasileiro” and preserve it until today as it was first found in southern Minas Gerais. That is: the PURE Fila Brasileiro Dog. We hope that new clubs develop their own methods, controls and selection systems, as well as their Standard and Regulations, issue their own pedigrees and perform their own exhibitions without unduly using the knowledge and heritage built by CAFIB over 36 years.

- If you still have any questions about these recent actions by the Board of Directors of CAFIB in defense of CAFIB and Fila Brasileiro, please be advised that the Board of Directors of CAFIB is always available to answer your questions, provided they are forwarded to the official email of CAFIB, which is, with your complete identification (to avoid the famous fakes) since CAFIB shall continue ignoring posts on Facebook.

You can read in more depth in the complete Comunicado & Cronologia of CAFIB ( about these measures adopted recently by CAFIB.

Thus, CAFIB hopes to have clarified all the points relating to the departure of some former directors and is very sorry that this has occurred, but as demonstrated above, it was their decision by which we were obliged to abide. The Board of Directors of CAFIB would not like to return to this subject, much less to explain half-truths posted on Facebook, but is always ready to defend our Club.

And as it has already been stated, CAFIB will resort to a Court of Law to recover its assets and equity, to be compensated from the damages and losses caused, as well as prohibit the misuse of these assets by any other club or people. Thus, CAFIB goes back to focusing on what it has been doing for the past 36 years: preserve and improve the PURE Fila Brasileiro Dog.


CAFIB – Board of Directors

Note: Translated by Luciana Gomes on 09/04/2014